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KONAMI made a big appearance at G2E showcasing new exciting products and those that look to the future

This year KONAMI's booth reported overstanding visits. Thanks also to Beat Square Tournament which made its industry premiere during the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, hosting on-going competitions with crowds of visitors.

Beat Square challenges gamers in a skill competition of rhythmic coordination to tap choreographed square buttons as they light up to the beat of the music. As announced at the show by Global Gaming Business, Beat Square has been awarded Best Slot Product in the 2017 Gaming & Technology Awards.

This landmark product release stands alongside an array of original Konami developments including its Frogger: Get Hoppin’ skill-based game, Crystal Cyclone community-style multi-station, premium Concerto Opus cabinet with a 65-inch video screen, and more than 100 different slot games focused on creative engagement and enduring entertainment value.

Check these exciting novelties in our PHOTO GALLERY:

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