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Introducing Concerto Crescent Title: STAR WATCH MAGMA & STAR WATCH FIRE

Great game performance in European Casinos!

Star Watch Magma is another KONAMI's game which consistently perform well above floor average in European Casinos. A second game that comes along with this series is Star Watch Fire. We perceive that players are enthusiastic about both games and that they love the Free Spin Button which brings them guaranteed Reward. 

This unique video slot makes full use of the 43-inch flat vertical monitor of the Concerto Stack cabinet, or alternatively, the 43-inch curved vertical monitor of the new Concerto Crescent format.

WATCH THE VIDEO: Star Watch Magma

>> The player selects/ expands STRIKE ZONE on Button Deck

In Star Watch Magma, players can expand their Strike Zone to activate entire reel strips from left to right, up to the entire frame. Top row of buttons selects Strike Zone Reels and Entry Bet. Higher bets increase the size of the Strike Zone.

The rule is very simple: if the Star Symbol lands inside this area the player get the Prize, if the Star  Symbol lands outside this area the player don't get the Prize. Players are making the Strike Zone bigger because they know that the more they bet the better chances they have to win Extra Rewards with the Star.

>> SPIN Symbol on STRIKE ZONE guarantee a Reward and encourage  the player to boost the bet

Every star prize symbol that lands in the player’s selected Strike Zone awards a random credit prize, jackpot, or wheel spin bonus with guaranteed Mini, Major, Mega, or Maxi jackpot.
Prizes appearing on Stars Symbol inside the Strike Zone are redeemed.
Spin Bonus is inside the Strike Zone >> brings to the player Extra Reward.

>> More Game Features:

  • Reels outlined in blue indicate active Strike Zone, according to Extra Bet Level.
  • Prizes appearing on Star Symbols inside the Strike Zone are redeemed.
  • Star Symbols outside the Strike Zone are not redeemed.
  • Any 3, 4 or 5 FIREBALL symbol trigger up to free games. 
  • During Free Games Star Symbols nudge to feel the entire Reel.
  • Throughout game play, Spin Star Symbols inside the Strike Zone award a Wheel Spin Bonus.
  • Major and Mini are fixed Bonus Award. Mega and Maxi are Standalone Progressive Jackpots.
  • All ammounts are displayed according to selected Denom.
  • 1, 2, 5 and 10-cent Multi - Denomination Options.

For more information about Star Watch Game Series contact our sales team at #EM#696f646c446c68736d7b6d6a61687d216378#EM#.