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12 tips for an effective Casino reopening

The day of Casino reopening is approaching fast. In order not to have too many inconveniences on the day of reopening, you'll need to double-check all technical details. Gaming machines have not been running for more than two months now and we can, unfortunately, expect some problems. For this reason, we have prepared some tips with the hope that they will be of great help. The tips are divided into 3 groups:

1.    Slot machines
2.    Cash Redemption Terminals
3.    Coin and note processing machines

Our technicians are at your disposal to make a complete check-up of all slots, Cash Redemption Terminals, and Coin&note processing machines. Should you need our help, you are kindly invited to send us a message - see contact details at the end of this e-mail. 


1.    Turn on all machines at least 1 week before the Casino reopening
2.    Calibrate touchscreens
3.    Check that the buttons didn’t stick together
4.    Check the acceptance of banknotes in the Bill acceptor
5.    Verify that the thermal printers are working correctly
6.    Check the correct operation of the fans on the processor board and the ventilation of the Slots housing 
7.    Control the communication and the state of the slots in the online system.


1.    Check the acceptance of banknotes and tickets on the terminal
2.    Check the correct payment of banknotes on the terminal
3.    Check the performance of ticket printing 


1.    Check the correct counting of banknotes and tickets on the machine
2.    Check the communication of the counting machine with the online system  

Do you need our help with these operations? Do not hesitate to contact us. Here are our details:

Bernard Možina

Mobile: +386(41)771770

Denis Peric

Mobile: +386(41)455330

We hope that you'll find this advice useful. 
Good luck!
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