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KONAMI Concerto Slant awarded for ''The Best Slot Machine Concept'' at BEGE Expo 2017

(Sofia, Bulgaria)

KONAMI's Slot Machine Concerto Slant was awarded in “The Best Slot Machine Concept” category at the special 10th anniversary BEGE awards ceremony. The traditional BEGE Awards 2017 were held during the second day - 23 November in Inter Expo Center in Sofia.

Konami Concerto Slant is bringing the industry's most agile and customizable multi-game technology. It gives players the fastest game change speed and an optimal interface to enjoy a fun mix of their favorite games in one spot.  

BEGE organizers explained: “Concerto Slant represents an excellent achievement in the casino industry with its twin 27'' hypnotic edge-to-edge monitors, which amplify symbols, boost colors, and add an extra element of irresistible fun.''

Bernard Možina, Konami distributor in SEE, replied: ''We thank BEGE Organizers for this important award. The feedback from casino' operators is very promising as well and proves the overall cutting-edge performance of Concerto Slant Machine. Clients satisfaction is our biggest award.''

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