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KONAMI's Creative New Releases at G2E 2017 Las Vegas

Konami Gaming, Inc. is showcasing a variety of popular core gaming options, exciting multi-station developments, leading skill-based entertainment, and casino systems advancements during the 2017 Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas on October 3 – 5.

Konami’s Concerto Collection will highlight a variety of never-before-seen game mechanics and captivating art styles, as well as exciting new iterations on proven classics. Concerto Stack™ and Concerto Crescent™ will feature a large volume of single screen games, including China Shores Great Stacks™, Lucky O’Leary Jackpots™, and Konami’s next releases for its Castlevania™ series.

An estimated 27,000 casino professionals from around the world will have access to a captivating suite of games and systems technology on display at Konami booth #1154.

Designed to attract and engage player audiences with a uniquely exciting play experience over time, G2E debut releases including:
  1. Concerto Crescent™ and Stack™ multi-game,
  2. large variety of new game themes,
  3. engaging progressive bonuses,
  4. skill-based next generation products and
  5. next release of Castlevania™
will be featured for guests to see and enjoy.

Concerto Selexion k

Konami’s popular SeleXion® is now bringing the industry’s most agile and customizable multi-game technology to a record variety of Concerto cabinets for players across the world to enjoy. In addition to showcasing SeleXion on Concerto upright, during G2E 2017 Konami will debut its first single-screen multi-game cabinet on its tall Concerto Stack. SeleXion’s new single-screen functionality also extends to Concerto Crescent. SeleXion’s robust processing power gives players the fastest game change speed and an optimal interface to enjoy a fun mix of their favorite games in one spot. Operators can custom select a variety of different game themes to showcase on a single machine, as well as a progressive bonus. 

SeleXion’s expansion to Concerto Stack and Concerto Crescent provides international operators a versatile solution to feature a rapidly expanding library of single screen game releases from Konami. New single screen titles like China Shores Great Stacks™, Mayan Chief Great Stacks™, Lotus Land Deluxe Wilds™, Dragon Fury™, and Pharaoh’s Fury™ can all be featured on one machine. Casinos can deploy an entertaining variety of the latest games on one of the most popular multi-game platforms globally. 

Concerto Crescent k

Konami’s curved Concerto Crescent™ and tall Concerto Stack™ both feature a stunning 43” HD vertical display, with signature Concerto highlights such as the unique side lighting element and sleek black finish. These single-screen formats give players exclusive game content designed to optimize the machines’ extra-tall portrait orientation. Games that don’t include a built-in progressive jackpot have the option to add a 2-level standalone or linked progressive with fully configurable “must-hit-by” range amounts for those jurisdictions that allow. Concerto Crescent and Stack both maintain a standard upright base size for flexible configuration across the casino floor.  

China Shores Great Stacks™
China Shores Great Stacks is a tall 6x5 reel version of the iconic original that doubles the number of reel positions for potential free games and Action Stacked Symbols®. Fans have the chance at big free game awards with 2x all wins. China Shores Great Stacks also has a variety of options for players to choose during the Balance of Fortune, including a random credit prize, bonus multipliers, and bonus picture symbols. 

Mayan Chief Great Stacks™
Konami’s popular Mayan Chief™ is also arriving to Concerto Stack and Crescent with a new 6x5 reel format.  This 60-line game features Action Stacked Symbols and top free game awards for big-impact excitement. During the Balance of Fortune feature, players can select from a mix of super free game options, regular free games with 2x all wins, or a random credit prize. 

Lotus Land Deluxe Wild™
The recognizable white tiger from Konami’s top-performing Lotus Land™ is making its return with a new tall 6x5 reel format designed to showcase surprising multiplier game play on Crescent and Stack. During the free games, wild symbols appearing on reels 2, 3, and 4 transform into random multipliers, and can even trigger a bonus re-spin feature for additional wins. 

Dragon Emblem Jackpots™
Dragon Emblem Jackpots is a 7-8-8-8-7 game that features a symbol-driven jackpot progressive. Throughout game play, wild dragon emblem symbols randomly activate with a red or blue glow, alerting players to a progressive chance. By collecting matching red or blue dragon emblems on 3 different reels, players are awarded the maxi or major jackpot respectively. A mix of red and blue dragon emblems on 3 reels result in the mini award. Dragon Emblem Jackpots is an Xtra Reward® game and includes a free game feature. 

Lucky O-Leary Jackpots™
Players are on the hunt for the leprechaun’s shining pot of gold in Konami’s new Lucky O-Leary Jackpots. This 7-8-8-8-7 game includes a 3-level progressive jackpot chance, with increasing odds at higher bet levels. Players can win a maxi, major, or mini jackpot by collecting specially-activated wild pot of gold symbols of blue and red. During the free games, Lucky O-Leary awards over 240 additional wilds, according to the number of four leaf clover trigger symbols collected.

Concerto SeleXion Crescent

Castlevania Logo 003 

Konami is showcasing the latest games in its Castlevania™ themed video slots at G2E 2017 for guests to explore. Based on the iconic video game first popularized in the 80’s, Konami’s Castlevania games invite players to explore enchanting new territories, battle beasts, and take on fierce monsters across the 43”canvas of Konami’s Concerto™ Crescent™ curved screen cabinet.   Authentic art, animation, and music from the series are found throughout, with multi-mystery bonus adventures that bring the legend of Castlevania to life.  Konami is bringing the adventure and valor of this classic video game to casinos with two premium debut themes—Castlevania: Valiant Guardian and Castlevania: Labyrinth of Love—each featuring iconic heroes from the series as they venture through exciting new quests with fun slot play experiences.  

Celestial Sun Riches Logo  Celestial Moon LOW 

Konami’s newest available progressive series uniquely combines multipliers, random credit awards, free games, and a big hit jackpot prize to give players a variety of win opportunities at higher odds as they increase their bet amount. Celestial Sun Riches™ and Celestial Moon Riches™ are all-new ULTRA REELS® series games that feature a selectable Strike Zone™ area to activate additional bonus opportunities.  Players can increase their extra bet amount to further expand the Strike Zone, where every wild eclipse symbols transforms to random 2x or 3x multipliers and each sun or moon symbol awards a wheel bonus if the free game feature is triggered.  

During the wheel bonus, players have the chance to win credit prize awards, additional free games, 3x or 5x wild multipliers, and the big jackpot. The free game feature begins directly after the wheel bonus and all wins are doubled during the free games. Celestial Sun Riches and Celestial Moon Riches are available exclusively on Konami’s Concerto™ cabinet lineup, including Concerto upright and Concerto Slant™.

Concerto Slant k 

Konami’s top-performing Concerto Slant™ carries dual 27” HD game screens with a low profile and relaxed-angle posture for player comfort and convenience. Concerto Slant supports any KP3+ platform content found on Concerto upright and is also backward compatible with proven KP3® platform titles such as Dragon’s Law™, Lotus Land™, China Shores™, and many more. With digital topper removed, the Concerto Slant offers enhanced sightlines across any busy slot floor.

Red Fortune™
One of Konami’s newest standard 5-reel games includes a free game multiplier mechanic with total wins up to 27x. Featuring a rich pay table and eye-catching Asian art elements, Red Fortune gives players 2x and 3x wild multipliers during the free game feature for big win combinations. Multipliers appearing on the same line combination are multiplied together. 

Multiplier Ridge™
Another new release with a focus on multipliers is Multiplier Ridge. Part of Konami’s ULTRA REELS 972 WAYS™ series, Multiplier Ridge awards wins for left to right adjacent symbol combinations—972 possible combinations in total. Throughout game play, any 5-of-a-kind wins ignite a burst of dynamite explosions on the mountain ridgeline, revealing a random multiplier award of 2x, 3x, 5x, or 10x, for that extra spark of excitement.

Concerto Logo 

Characterized by its sleek immersive design and backed by the powerful KP3+™ platform, Konami’s Concerto video slot cabinet has become one of the industry’s top-performing standard upright cabinets. Since its debut, Concerto’s proven qualities have expanded to a complete lineup of video slot offerings with a rich library of original game content. During this year’s G2E show, guests will see a vast selection of base games and never-before-seen standalone and linked progressives. 

Sparkling Roses™
Konami’s Multiple Lines 15 REELS™ series is showing continued success with the addition of Sparkling Roses. Sparkling Roses features 15 independent reels in a 3x5 grid and an Xtra Reward feature that randomly awards bonus multipliers throughout primary play. This combined with Action Stacked Symbols across all 15 reels provides ample opportunity for big-win excitement.

Great Moai™
With inspiration from the monuments first created by the Rapa Nui people of Easter Island thousands of years ago, Great Moai brings these remarkable carvings to life with surprising effect. In this original math game, Moai statues appearing in the top screen shoot down to the lower reels to become either full-reel wilds or full-reel wilds with 2x multipliers. In addition, upon arriving to the reels the full-reel Moai symbols randomly hop toward reel 1, increasing anticipation of even greater line win combinations.

Using the popular Fade Away® symbol replacement feature first premiered on Chili Chili Fire™, Octo-Blast is randomly inking out the lower value card symbols and leaving top-value symbols in their place. The game’s bright orange colored octopus holds the reel frame in his tentacles, and when the Fade Away Feature is triggered he glows bright blue and inks away all the card symbols for huge potential line wins. 

Fortune Streams™ (SAP)
Fans of Konami’s virtual coin-pusher progressive Jackpot Streams™ can now enjoy that same excitement and anticipation with new Asian-inspired art elements in Fortune Streams™.  When the 4-level mystery progressive feature is triggered, twin dragons breathe flames onto the lower reels and a spinning drum is revealed to determine the random prize slot locations. Coins then cascade onto the screen, pushing additional coins and jackpot tokens toward the player as they watch to see which prize will become their awarded cash bonus. Extra bet amounts and increment rates are operator configurable, and Fortune Streams can be conveniently combined with most any KP3+ base game including Chili Chili Fire and Dragon’s Law Twin Fever. 

Luxury Jackpots™ (LAP)
Luxury Jackpots is a 4-level linked progressive that is compatible with most any KP3 platform base game and features an attractive $10,000+ maxi jackpot. This mystery trigger progressive showcases a pick ‘em bonus that allows players to match 3 symbols to determine their progressive level award. Each jackpot level is represented by luxury items of increasing value including a sports car, speed boat, and private jet. 

Logo BeatSquare170427

Leveraging the company’s expertise in popular consumer arcade and video games, Beat Square™ challenges gamers to play, compete, and prove their skill in a game of rhythmic coordination across a lighted touch pad dashboard, packed with new and recognizable tunes. Based on technology developed through iconic Konami creations like Dance Dance Revolution, Beat Square is the casino industry’s first musical rhythmic dexterity skill-game. It combines video game and arcade entertainment with original for-wager mathematics in order to provide casino players with a skill-based gaming experience that appropriately awards top players and new players alike. 

When the player selects a song and the game begins, different squares illuminate in rhythmic patterns, which the player taps in tempo to achieve higher points and random credit awards. Players can try their skill against the high scores leaderboard during single player mode, or compete with up to eight people during a Beat Square Tournament. Beat Square provides an exciting skill-based experience unlike anything else ever shown to market, with fun rhythmic game play, shared social interaction, big-win competitive leaderboards, and original for-wager mathematics to appropriately reward players within an engineered payback percentage. 
Beat Square Single Front

Frogger Get Hoppin Logo

Earlier this year, Konami’s Frogger: Get Hoppin’™ made history as the first primary skill-based casino game in the state of Nevada for players to enjoy. Similar to the unforgettable arcade game, Frogger: Get Hoppin’ invites players to move the frog left and right across the screen to the tune of a recognizable melody, seeking safe landing and avoiding cars, alligators, and open water. The player’s score increases as they move further and further through the course, with extra bonus points for collecting coins and bugs. Players can improve their payback percentage and even earn pure skill-based cash awards, based on how quickly and accurately they navigate Frogger through the game.

When time runs out, players have the chance to win a credit prize or progressive jackpot. In addition, Frogger: Get Hoppin’ features three true skill-based jackpot prizes: bronze, silver, and gold. Each can be earned by reaching certain score thresholds. Frogger: Get Hoppin’ also allows players to earn their initials on the machine’s weekly and all-time high scores leaderboard. 
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